Restoration Plus, Inc.

Co-founder, CFO | San Diego, US


Business development and marketing, including web development and online presence management. Establish business partnerships and act as ongoing point of contact. Public relations and vendor management. Accounting, record keeping and HR.  

Project Management: damage assessment, multi-project coordination, scheduling, estimate creation, budgets and insurance negotiations

Mission Restoration

Project Manager | San Diego, US


Oversee, coordinate and administer all aspects of Mission Restoration’s home and commercial flood restoration projects within San Diego and Riverside California.

Responsibilities include managing 15+ active projects at a time, with each project requiring survey of damage, creation of detailed estimate and contract, negotiation with the client’s insurance company and coordinating all aspects of the project including: worker scheduling, resolving any issues, managing supplies and running final quality control check to ensure client satisfaction.

TFI World Services

Senior Statistical Analyst | Lucerne, CH and Guadalajara, MX


Generate detailed reports and analyses for global nonprofit organization, as well as special projects for upper management. In addition responsibilities include maintaining confidential records and supplier non-disclosure agreements and managing a direct mail database of 10,000+ subscribers, including updating information to ensure maximum deliverability and resolving any subscription delays or errors.

Activated Europe

Operations Manager | Milton Keynes, UK


Coordinate and oversee all aspects of warehouse operations, including shipping and receiving, returns and stock management, quality control, invoicing and accounting. Establish vendor relationships and act as ongoing point of contact for multiple vendors both locally and internationally. Research and coordinate large international shipments, to guarantee optimum pricing and delivery.

Volunteer and Humanitarian Work
Business Development


Development and design of Nii Foods creating the vision and goal, setting up legal structure and trademarks, sourcing investors and promotion of nii bar.

Event Planning

Germany and USA

Coordinated and ran promotional and business events. Most notably two annual three-day camps for “at-risk” youth in Germany and a five-day marketing training event in San Diego for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Responsibilities included scheduling, finding and securing locations, registration, vendor management, managing attendees expectations, security, transportation and more.

Managed a Local Non-profit School


Assisted in the preparation and creation of the teaching curriculum, coordinating daily transportation, scheduling and safety. Taught English and general education classes to preschool children including special needs students. 

Construction Management

Thailand and Mexico

Worked with teams of both local and foreign volunteers on the construction of a school and homes for underprivileged members of the both Mexico and Thailand.



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